Zmodeler crashes when merging

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Zmodeler crashes when merging

Post by Trippin »

It's me...again..with yet another problem.

Whenever I attempt to merge a car with a lightbar, my zmodeler just crashes. No errors etc.

It was working previously however all of a sudden stopped and began crashing. I have re-done my steps up to when it was working, but when I get to merging, it just closes and that's it.
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Re: Zmodeler crashes when merging

Post by Oleg »

install ZModeler in a different folder, reboot your computer and try again.
Also, there were reports that ZModeler can crash randomly when it runs on laptop devices with on-CPU rendering device selected (like Intel Graphics device). If you can change ZModeler to run on a different video hardware, it have to be set (on Settings->Rendering->Device) page.
If still no luck, you can send me a download link to your .z3d scene and your .z3d file that causes crash on merge. May be something is wrong with the file itself.

Also, can you File\Open this file (the one you try to merge)? Does it load fine this way?
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