Inaccuracy in movements

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Inaccuracy in movements

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Hello Oleg
I've long noticed a shortcoming between Zmodeler version 2 and Zmodeler version 3, but haven't found a solution yet.
If you build things in version 2 you can focus very deeply into the object and the vertices, polygons or edges can be moved or scaled without any problems, but unfortunately this is not the case in version 3.
You can't reach this depth at all, the more you zoom in, the more all movements stop.
It doesn't matter which view you work in, it's the same scenario everywhere.

Greetings De Omi
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Re: Inaccuracy in movements

Post by Oleg »

When movements become stepping or irregular, you have reached the precision of vertices coordinate data. This is a sort of a technical limitation. Also, this should have no impact on a regular-size object, as the fraction part is very small and should be invisible on an object.
The fraction impact will dramatically increase if the coordinate value is a high value. For example, you can move a point at 52350.0 with a fraction of 0.01 (1cm step for a point located 52km away from 0 point) and you can move a point located at 0.5235 (50 cm away from zero point) with a fraction of 0.000001.
Thus, for example, if you work on a vehicle model, its points/coordinates are within a 5m distance from zero point and each point can be moved with a high precision (something like 1/50 of a millimeter). You can't see this fraction at all. But if you work on a map model and moved 2km away from zero point, your movement fraction will increase dramatically and you will be unable to move a vertex to 0.1 mm, it will jump every 2-3mm and this is what you can see.

It appears to be strange if you don't have a similar effect in ZModeler2.
May you save and upload a .z3d file in ZModeler3 zoomed close to some vertex that does not move smooth in ZModeler3? I will check it in ZMod2 to see the difference.
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