wrong aspect ratio in UV mapper

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wrong aspect ratio in UV mapper

Post by mistersix »

Hello. Im having rather small issue not affecting my workflow, but still im curious why its the way it is. Basically sometimes when editing uv in uv mapper aspect ratio of the texture is wrong. Im giving this example. I have the texture. It has 128x256 when 128 is height and 256 is windth. I highlighted the texture dimensions here ->

However in uv mapper it looks like texture is 256x256 pixels .
Its bit annoying, when only in uvmapper it happens. The texture is not streched or something and it is fine, so only the view is affected. So basically it the windht is bigger than height, or height is bigger than windht in uv mapper their proportions are even (example: 4096x2048 looks like 2048x2048 or 4096x4096 in uv mapper.) Is there a way to make it always keeping the proper ratio? The view of the textures which height=windht are not affected in any way
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Re: wrong aspect ratio in UV mapper

Post by Oleg »

texture in UV mapper always has 1:1 aspect ratio, because uv mapping is not affected by texture's aspect ratio. You can change texture from 128x256 to 512x64 and uv mapping will not get affected.
It might be not that convenient to use 1:1 aspect ration in UV mapper, but it is technically correct to show you the mapping "as it actually is".
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Re: wrong aspect ratio in UV mapper

Post by GreenAid »

This is particularly annoying when having to scale the mesh, then rotate, etc when mapping. An option to preserve the original ratio of the texture would be much better and convenient in my opinion, like in blender for example.
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