Rigging not painting correctly

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Rigging not painting correctly

Post by b4nished »

When I apply rigging from skeleton to model, the weight doesnt copy correctly. The unpainted part is attached to the feet.
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Re: Rigging not painting correctly

Post by Oleg »

May you show a screenshot of your scene hierarchy and specify how you "apply rigging from skeleton to model"? Specify in steps or in a set of screenshots.

In general, you either copy rigging from a geometry that already has correct rigging (for this skeleton of cause), or assign rigging manually one bone after another. The first case is more likely to be your choice. However, before you copy weight from some geometry, verify whether it has correct rigging on it: bind this geometry to your skeleton and pick some bones one after another (e.g. Spine1, Left forearm, right shoulder and like this) - and ensure proper area of mesh is highlighted for currently selected bone.
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