Hair and cloth physics

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Hair and cloth physics

Post by sarahumna »

I am trying to create cloth physic. Only single video found on this topic. But the issue is i followed all the steps but failed as you can see in screenshot a spikes on cloth..i don't know what is the issue. Anyone can help me.
My steps.
Created low poly .cloth from the originaljbib (255 vertices)
Binded .cloth and .mesh both to skeleton
Copy weight from the jbib(.mesh)and paste to .cloth
Assign upper side vertices static point
Assign lower vertices lvel 5 etc.
Select .mesh lower vertices and toggle on affected by cloths rather than bones.
Add collosion in palvis, and legs (3 cylinders)
Exported both files in proper format .
Which step is wrong?
One more thing there is a confusion in video 16:25
Why the .cloth is full red?
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Re: Hair and cloth physics

Post by Oleg »

mind the cloth-simulated object can use shader "ped_cloth" only, as this is the only shader in game that has cloth simulation math inside.
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