Part not showing up when UV Mapping

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Part not showing up when UV Mapping

Post by Tharn »

So I have this bodykit that I UV mapped and it looks fine except for one thing, this part in purple should be red since it belongs to the left side and when I select related polygons and enter UV mapping, it's not even there. you see the red area in the UV mapper? the part should show up there like it does for the purple (right area) bit (second image).

I tried making a copy of it by using the 'detach' tool but I get a message saying it can only be detached in 'keep original' mode.. but that's not what I need, I need to make a copy of the part with 'new object' and 'enable drag' toggled so I can place it where it belongs, I also looked around all the purple area to check if the part is just randomly placed there so I can move it but I don't see it. Since the part is actually in other LODs (B, C, D & E) I have no idea why it is missing for LOD A and I don't know what to do.
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Re: Part not showing up when UV Mapping

Post by Oleg »

redo uv-mapping for this fragment. it is probably already mapped to purple area, so it should appear there. Or you want to re-create mapping for it with "Generate new" mode of Edit UV tool.

In an error message Detach tool tells you that you have selected all polygons in an object. You can't detach all polygons from an object, as this is pointless. You have either done the selection improperly, or the problematic fragment is a separate object already. Either make a proper selection for Detach, or use Edit UV tool on the object itself.
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