Not letting me import.

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Not letting me import.

Post by fuckTrusty »

Just purchased a license, and when i click import nothing happens. i can see the preview of the file but it wont actually open the files. tried multiple different ones, have restarted modeler like 13 times, license is valid, ran as admin, etc. Why cant i import files?
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Re: Not letting me import.

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The first screenshot with grey "Import" button is when you try to import a locked mode file. ZModeler allows user to lock model files on export, so they can't be imported anymore. In general, authors lock their models to prevent unauthorized modifications with no permission of models they spend time/money for. If you need this model imported for your own project, you can contact models author for an unlocked version, it could happen he/she will provide you one.

The second screenshot with non-dimmed "Import" button should let you import a file.
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