Updating flares to work on 1.40

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Updating flares to work on 1.40

Post by Erik7306 »

How do i fix the flares on trucks so they work on 1.40? i have tryed to figure it out but i dont understand it does anybody know how to update the flares so the whole map dosent get lighted up when i turn the lights on
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Re: Updating flares to work on 1.40

Post by Oleg »

material on flares should be updated on export. As a quick test, you can put content of original flare's .mat file data into your flare's .mat file (just to check whether this is the cause or not). New flare material contains lighting settings in aux[0] and aux[1] parameters if I'm not mistaken.

You can import original flare model into ZModeler and check material setup - these parameters are available to be editable on "Material States and user defined options" of material. You can do the same on your scenes before you export.
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