License validation freeze in "checking online"

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License validation freeze in "checking online"

Post by vans123 »

Couldnt post over at license related forums but basicly this
I have tried everything, downloading a new zmodeler client, disabling my antivirus, giving the folder permissions from antivirus and administrator, unchecking the "read only" box, revoking my license and enabling it again and even validating manually and the program keeps saying "checking online" it never progress to validation status.
I have lost 3 days already and i require help here to know whats going on and fix it
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Re: License validation freeze in "checking online"

Post by Oleg »

clear account name and platform password on "Account Setup" page and install license key manually via copy+shift method.
If zmodeler can't reach license server, it will be unable to install or validate license. When you see "checking online..." that does not disappear is the most likely ZModeler can't reach license server. If you could see a spinning circle icon in the bottom of ZModeler window, then updates service can't reach updates server too.

Unfortunately, given the steps you've done already, I have nothing to suggest to resolve the issue.
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