Texture bug tires

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Texture bug tires

Post by neohazuki1 »

I have a doubt,

I was editing a car model, and every time it looks like this.
I searched and didn't find an answer...

if anyone can help I would be grateful.
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Re: Texture bug tires

Post by Oleg »

When you edit a vehicle, you have to update both "model_hi.yft" and "model.yft" files. Hierarchy in both files have to match explicitly. It is strongly advised to export both models from the same scene/z3d file. There are export options to generate model_hi and model.yft files like "Export highest LOD only" (for model_hi.yft) and "Export all but highest" (to export model.yft).

In some cases when there are no LODs for geometries, users export model.yft file in "Export all LODs" mode, then create a copy of .yft file as model_hi.yft.

and once again: mind to update both files (model.yft and model_hi.yft) in game when you make changes.
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