Issue with headlights

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Issue with headlights

Post by darrellswan »

I have a vehicle file. When I export it in-game and turn the headlights on, there is only a texture, but no emissive actually pops up.
Is there anyone having the same issue? How to fix it?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Issue with headlights

Post by Oleg »

a screenshot will give a good description of the issue...
are you talking about "corona effect" that is missing?
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Re: How to get shiny golden ped in-game

Post by dahi »

I don't have access to post new topics so I'm posting that here.

So I want to get golden ped texture like this in-game -

Iam getting the shiny reflective texture inside zmodeler -

However, when Iam exporting the .ydd and replacing it. It doesn't look the same in-game.

Inside GTA 5, The ped looks normal and without the shiny golden texture -

Do I have to put the .env file into the .ytd ped file? Also, how to create a .env file for this kind of texture, How to import this texture inside gta 5? What materials do I have to use?

Please let me know what I have to do in order to get the shiny reflective golden texture in-game, Please break it down step-by-step so I can get to know what to do exactly.

Thank you so much, Waiting for your reply!
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Re: Flickering ped textures fix

Post by dahi »

Update :

I managed to get the textures in-game, but now the textures are flickering. The ped keeps changing its textures if I rotate the in-game camera -

I have no other textures for the ped in the .ytd file other than the .env file -

Please let me know what's the cause of this and how can I fix it, Also let me know if you need any other input from my side.
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