Viewport Transparency not working after 3.3.0

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Viewport Transparency not working after 3.3.0

Post by GreenAid »

Hello, I've noticed some time ago that when enabling the "Semitransparent" option in zmod's viewports, the mesh because transparent but it has no use, as previously it would allow, for example, to see and select polygons/vertices behind the front layer, now it only shows underlying mesh in object view, which is not very useful in itself.
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Re: Viewport Transparency not working after 3.3.0

Post by Oleg »

There were no changes related to viewport transparency behavior. The rendering in viewport can be different, as the rendering code has changed.

Transparent viewport has impact on some tools like Rigging painting (paint weight on front-facing vertices in regular mode and front/back-facing vertices in transparency mode).

You can always pick an object/element under cursor if you hold mouse still and press CTRL key several times. ZModeler will pick elements one after another under cursor. There were changes in "picking" mode when ZModeler keep current object highlight unless you move mouse away from an object. Use Ctrl tapping to switch hovered object under cursor.
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