get NO ACCESS need H E L P

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get NO ACCESS need H E L P

Post by Alex3 »

I m new and paid for 1 month but I can not get access to this software.
How can a human made this so complicated. Im an engineer but really don t know how to get access.

- two kind of programs (Forum and program itself) ?
- a lot of passwords ???
- "Platform" ID ???

Please help me to get access

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Re: get NO ACCESS need H E L P

Post by Oleg »

Hello Alex.

If I'm not mistaken, I have replied you via e-mail already, but I'll respond here (just in case someone will find it useful).

The forum is running since the very first version of the product released (~since 2005), and has a lot of old abandoned accounts. ZModeler3 product that require each user to have an account was introduced in 2012, so everyone have to create a new account (regardless whether one has or had a forum account or not). A web account for ZModeler3 product can have the same account name as the forum account (recommended), but this is not a must. You still have to create web account for ZModeler3 manually, this is not an automated process if you are a forum member. You can use the same password as your forum account, no problem here.

Platform ID is your hardware identification the license key is generated for. The license key issued for one ID will not get installed/accepted on another user's computer (with a different Platform ID). You can have several platform IDs (computers) on one account and manage licenses for them. You can even have a single web account for a team of users and have their Platform IDs on just one account. A team leader can buy and assign licenses on team members computers (team members can get the license key, but can not access account to manage license).

Platform access password (is optional) can be assigned onto platform ID on "My computers" page to prevent access to your license by some other user with the same platform ID. Platform IDs are not absolutely unique and some laptop devices can have the same ID. I personally do not assign password onto platform ID and suggest users not to assign it too (to keep things simple). However, you still have to enable access by togging the option "Allow this platform to log in" on "My computers" page. This option is disabled by default.

In ZModeler on "Account Setup" page of "About" window you specify your ZModeler account name and platform access password. As specified above, the platform access password is optional, so setting just an account name is usually enough. However, you need to restart ZModeler once you make changes on settings page, as ZModeler connects to license server on startup only (to prevent script/automated brute forcing and other stuff).

If you have license activated for your platform ID in web account and your account name specified in ZModeler on "Account Setup" page, ZModeler should download and install license key automatically. It usually takes no more than 10 seconds on startup.
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