Need assistance to run zmodeler on my pc

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Need assistance to run zmodeler on my pc

Post by CarlosA21 »

Hi, im new to this zmodeler program and im trying to run it but got no result, the main issue that im getting is platform not found, wrong account name or misspell in ID, i putted the platform password and my correct ID and no result, restarted the computer and still no result, run it as administrator and still same issue

Please someone assist me with his
Username: MidnightK21
Platform ID IS: H5C4H-DB
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Re: Need assistance to run zmodeler on my pc

Post by Oleg »

Hello. Your account name starts with white space: " MidnightK21".

Ensure platform ID "H5C4H-DB" in web account is exactly the one you see in ZModeler. In particular '5' <> 'S' and 'B' <> '8' are very common misspells.

Activate your trial license. Your platform is allowed to log in, but has no password assigned. So, you should specify in ZModeler your account name with no password. Press OK and restart ZModeler.
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