Crashday *.p3d filter/plugin won't load

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Crashday *.p3d filter/plugin won't load

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Why ZModeler won't even load the Crashday *.p3d filter/plugin. Is there a fix to get it working?
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Re: Crashday *.p3d filter/plugin won't load

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There was never a Crashday *.p3d filter created for ZModeler. The file extensions .p3d used in game does not mean this is some kind of standard "p3d" files in the industry. If I'm not mistaken, ZModeler has a filter for Toca RaceDriver .p3d files.

Even if Crashday and Toca series were made by one company (did they?) does not mean the files are compatible. In particular, newer or older games can use the same file extension, but the data inside can have a slightly different data or data layout, might follow different patterns or just one small addition in data can make file unimportable by ZModeler.
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