Unknown type in Hierarchy

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Unknown type in Hierarchy

Post by huckleberrypie »

Seems like certain meshes error out like this on import:

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Unknown type in Hierarchy part #3 : 15 file:watchdogsskeleton.cpp line:252
Are you going to fix it some time? I'd like to rip and/or mod certain characters and/or vehicles from the game.
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Re: Unknown type in Hierarchy

Post by Oleg »

Any research on WatchDogs model file format has been abandoned. The particular error indicates an unexpected (unknown to the moment of development) object type found in a hierarchy. Likely to be a non-bone extension like some specific physics bone, link or something I have not met in peds or vehicles I used to test.

I remind most of ped/player models were able to read (CHAR*** folders). And I've used just few vehicles in my test (muscle03 and one more).
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