Objects/Polygons/Vertices properties

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Objects/Polygons/Vertices properties

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Properties of objects/vertices/polygons.
ZModeler3 has a tab for displaying properties instantly. This tab is located in Scene nodes browser and occupies top area of scene nodes browser when switched to "Properites" tab:


This page will display properties as soon as you select something in scene. For example, after selecting a torus object, the following properties shown (for geometry object):


Note, I do not perform any specific actions, neither I pick any menu items nor switch to this tab - I just select an object in scene. The same happens when you deal with vertices or polygons.

Each time you edit properties, you have to press Apply button in the bottom of properties page. You can edit several properties and press Apply once to apply changes you've made. When no changes yet made, the button is inactive, and it becomes active as soon as you change any property.

There is no Cancel button or anything like that since changes do not take place until they are applied. As soon as they are applied, they can be undone with Edit -> Undo.

What is worth mentioning is that Transformation branch is editable in ZModeler3. You can change values of position or rotation to apply these transformations to an object. Position is also availble in vertices properties, so you can set vertices coordinates explicitly. On the image below two vertices of torus are selected (one on front face and one on back face), so the Z coordinate value is dimmed. I've changed position's X value and applied it, so you can see vertices have moved:


Using "Isolated" for managing object's properties.

When you have a lot of objects in scene, it might be hard to select exactly the object you need to reach it's properties and you might wish to see a properties of the object you select in scene nodes browser instead. This can be done when you switch scene to Isolated mode. In this mode the only object shown in scene is the object you've selected in scene nodes browser. At the same time, properties for this isolated object are shown automatically.

You can keep Isolated mode enabled and select another object in scene nodes browser. Thus, you can quickly browse properties of objects with a single click on an object name in a list. Then toggle Isolated button off when done.

User-defined options of an object.

User-defined options of an object are still available in object's properties. In order to open their window, double-click on "User-defined options". A check-mark next to this label is set when changes are made and should be applied. If you don't want to apply user-defined options settings you've made, untick the checkmark.