VC++ express and Zmodeler 2 SDK

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VC++ express and Zmodeler 2 SDK

Post by Greg »

Hi Oleg,

First of all, congratulation for your tool.
May i ask you if it is possible to use ZModeler 2 SDK with Visual C++ 2008 express and Windows DDK (7600.16385.1). I think to have the good configuration but when i try to compile some Zmodeler 2 examples, it's a fail.
Do you think possible to use Visual C++ 2008 express with Zmodeler 2 SDK ?
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Re: VC++ express and Zmodeler 2 SDK

Post by Oleg »

Nope, I afraid you need MFC headers which are not part of Express intallation. You do not need to link over any MFC libraries, but headers are a must.
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