cannot validate license

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cannot validate license

Post by Sil80 »

for some reason my license validation will not work. I can't even revoke my license. What should i do about this?
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Re: cannot validate license

Post by Oleg »

License revocation is certainly not the thing you should do when you can't validate license key. Revocation is used to assign license onto another platform ID if you've upgraded your computer or in some other cases. Revoking and re-assigning license can lead to problems when ZModeler tries to validate license key that is no longer valid (revoked).

License installation and validation should be performed in automatic mode with password assigned onto your platform ID on "My computers" page. This is the password you specify in ZModeler on "Account Setup" page alongside with your web account name.

Once license is activated in web account, ZModeler should be able to download license key when you run it as Administrator.

If the above does not work to you, clear account name and password in ZModeler, so it does not try to perform online check. press OK and restart ZModeler to apply license key manually.

copy license key in web account. open License Information window in ZModeler. press and hold Shift key for 2-3 seconds. your license key will appear.
go back to web account, specify explicitly whether you use 32-bit or 64-bit version of ZModeler and press Validate button. Copy validation key. Go back to ZModeler's license window, press and hold Shift key for 2-3 seconds again,. You will see "Verification: revalidate in 6 days" or something like this. Press OK and restart ZModeler.
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