Texture changing while attaching

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Texture changing while attaching

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This is a problem, in which I've been dealing with in the past few days.
This problem has not appeared before, and I don't quite know WHY it happens.

As the picture is showing, there is some glasses of a blue gumball police light.
When I am attaching the objects to each other, the texture changes.

I've also tried with some vertex lights, and the same problem seems to appear.
The textures are either changing or the texture is disappearing.

Is there a fix to this, or maybe a way of making a complete reset of ALL zmodeler settings?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Texture changing while attaching

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it is likely one of the objects you deal with has flipped axes. Apply Display\Local Axes\Reset To World tool (with "Orientation" mode toggled on). Then use Attach tool.

Another reason could be the object you deal with is an "Instances" copy of another object. Create non-instanced copies of both objects (and delete originals), use attach tool on copies you've just created (since you are sure they are not instanced version of objects). "Instance" is an option inside "Copy" tool.
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