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Re: Report Import/Export bugs here

Post by Zerise »

FIX: too many hierarchy elements lmao, was at 136 on export...
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Re: Report Import/Export bugs here

Post by armand »

Hello got an issue when I wan't to export a car for GTA5.

It say : can not locate scene node for export. filegtarageexport.cpp line:116.


Any idea on how to fix it?
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Re: Report Import/Export bugs here

Post by Oleg »

Your hierarchy root node is named "felon". You can export "felon.yft" file only. If you want to export felon_hi.yft file, your root node should be named as "felon_hi" (meaning your scene has high-detailed LOD too).

In general, your scene should start with dummy node having "_hi" in a name. Your geometry objects should have L0 and L1 components with L1 using less vertices/polygons than L0. That's the perfect scenario. When you export such a scene to "felon_hi.yft" file, ZModeler will export L0 components only. When you export "felon.yft" file, ZModeler will export L1, collisions, and other game-specific data.

If you have no L0 + L1 components (have L0 only), you can export as felon.yft file, then copy this file and rename to felon_hi.yft file. it will work fine in game too.
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