(Need Help) Editing Mask for freemode ped

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(Need Help) Editing Mask for freemode ped

Post by moribtw »

Sorry if this is a stupid question, or maybe im not asking in the right place, but i could use some help with editing a mask for the freemode ped.
After importing this mask, and making the necessary edits i wanted to make, it doesent seem to be working properly inside GTA. the mask itself is floating detached away from the model.
Ive looked around and found some tutorials, but im not exactly sure how to follow as most of the tutorials dont seem to mention where to get the skeleton or if ill even need them for my specific case.

if someone could point me to some documentation that can explain it well, or be willing to help me themselves, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: (Need Help) Editing Mask for freemode ped

Post by Deadspin »

Verify scene set up properly for working on ped items.
Verify attached to skeleton
Verify rigging/weight paint.
- Copy weight from original mask (reimport unedited version)

Skeleton can be found in OpenIV, x64v repository, mp_m_freemode_01.yft or mp_f_freemode_01.yft (male and female, though they're exactly the same).
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