[Question] Would it be possible to add plugin support to ZM3?

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[Question] Would it be possible to add plugin support to ZM3?

Post by Zef »

Hello there,

So I have been using ZM3 for some time now, and I find some of the things very annoying and time consuming. Usually it would all be simple if I could delete multiple items at once, rather one by one.
I export a lot of models & more, but I have a standard that I follow, to fix the models before distributing them to my use case for them, this includes, deleting all the L1-L3 or even L4's while also deleting the skeleton as it's not needed for the application I am using them in. Which is filmic.

This now leads me to the actual question :)
Would either multi-deletion or making some sort of plugin system so we could write out own plugins? Be something we could expect?
Since I would much rather just be able to process an entire model, by one click by iterating through each object and doing my tweaks, rather than by hand.

The multi-deletion would probably be easier to implement, rather than a standalone plugin environment.

Anyway let me know what you think or even have some tips :)
(Wrote in here, since I don't have perms in the appropriate channel)
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Re: [Question] Would it be possible to add plugin support to ZM3?

Post by Oleg »

sorry for delay.

you can select several objects in hierarchy with CTRL key held down. then right-click on any of selected and use Edit->Delete.

In general, ZModeler applies a tool from commands bar to selected objects (those that turn red or shown with red visibility square icon) when "Selected" button is pressed in the bottom of ZModeler window. For example, to move several objects at a time, select them and use Move tool. So does almost every tool - it will act on selected objects.
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