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Hi everyone. i am new to zmodeler. my concerns are right now setting it up and running it. so I think i was able to fix the platform id issue. problem is currently I dont know how to activate and validate license on zomdeler now. I cant validate nor activate the license i have bought. zmodeler doesnt do anything at all. please help
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Re: zmodeler

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I can see your platform id "GTBJE-ZR" was able to log in to license server on June 5th. In most of cases, this should be enough for ZModeler to download license. However, ZModeler could be unable to save license on a hard drive. It is advised to move ZModeler folder to drive D: if possible, do not put ZModeler folder on your desktop, in "My documents" or in "downloads" folders. It is essential to run ZModeler as Administrator.
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