uv mapper stuck

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uv mapper stuck

Post by OskarGTA5MODPROFI »

After I finished creating my template and then wanted to render it, I saw that the lines in the uv mapper are gray and a few elements were selected. but if I can render, he renders me nothing (as in the attachment). I can't select anything anymore and only move the things that are selected. I've tried restarting the program several times.
what can I do?
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Re: uv mapper stuck

Post by Oleg »

try to bring objects into uv mapper again: close uv mapper window, use "Edit UV" tool again and set "Keep old mapping" option there. Objects inside UV mapper will me re-created. then render them.

I see objects in uv-mapper are dimmed (grey color) meaning they are disabled and no longer match the actual geometry in scene. I suppose this is the cause of nothing being rendered.
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