ZModeler 3.1.0 release notes

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ZModeler 3.1.0 release notes

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Release notes for ZModeler 3.1.0.

ZModeler3 is available for download on the main site or can be upgraded fully via embedded autoupdate. Downloading an entire package is strongly recommended, so you get a properly-configured version at once. Materials setup and shaders have been remastered, so you should delete a shaders cache (ZModeler3\Shaders\.cache file) for better performance.

Materials browser changes

From this version and up, one standard texture page MASK is available on all shaders. This texture slot is not used in material color computation and is generally used for effects masking. Filters available earlier do not use this texture slot, so no relevant changes applies to import/export of ETS2 models and other formats. New newly-released GTAV filter utilizes this texture slot in most of materials configuration.

Advanced colors (like dirt, dust, scratches) beside regular masking can be additionally masked by per-vertex color components. So, for example, a dirt-mapping can be masked by some texture's green component and per-mesh vertex red component. GTAV uses this for burnt texture where burnt is masked by MASK texture's Alpha and per-vertex blue color component.

Paint tools color channel

With respect to remark above, all paint tools can produce output into specific vertex color channel. It can be either standard RGB when all channels are updated, or just one channel: R, G, B or A. Thus, you can paint channels separately, as this is quite important when meaning of these channels differs.

Object groups.

Multiple objects could be combined together into a group. Group object is draw in bold and underlined in hierarchy view. In current implementation groups can be created and removed (group / ungroup), while none of the tools is able to work with objects inside groups currently. If you need to access an object inside the group, you should ungroup it first. Group can also be a state on compound object. In order to access an object in this composition, you need to dismiss the compound and ungroup an extracted entry. Then group again and convert to compound again. This limitation will be removed in further updates.

GTA:V vehicle import/export filter

GTAV model files can be imported and exported with the new plugin available in this release. This covers only vehicle/bike/boat/plane models currently, or more precise *.yft fragment models. Static *.ydr models like weapons and scenery objects will come next. Refer to associated subforum for more details.

Direct Download link.
Download ZModeler 3.1.0 (9.8Mb)

ZModeler3 requires additional Microsoft redistributive libraries to be installed prior running ZModeler3 on your system. Download vcredist_x86.exe package from Microsoft website. Note, since ZModeler is 32-bit application, you need a 32-bit x86 version of these libraries only.

Also, it's strongly recommended to install DirectX9c June 2010 Redistributive package: ... px?id=8109