ZModeler 3.0.9 Release notes

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ZModeler 3.0.9 Release notes

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Release notes for ZModeler 3.0.9.

ZModeler3 is available for download on the main site or can be upgraded fully via embedded autoupdate. Downloading an entire package is strongly recommended, so you get a properly-configured version at once. The rendering core was upgraded, so each file, including all shaders have been updated. You might not see the visual changes upon upgrade, as no new tools have been included or introduced.

Materials browser changes
  • The only visible changes you might notice are related to materials browser. The following options on material properties has changed:
  • Emissive color have been moved to "Advanced colors" group and got configuration options as the rest of advanced colors: e.g. it could be masked by some map/channel.
  • Ignore vertex color option can be turned on/off, so per-vertex color can store shader-specific information and not visualized as mesh color. For example, each color component could be used as transition for some texture maps.
  • U,V Tile replaces "Scale" of texture map. Tiling on U and V can be configured separately. The value of tile is inverse of scale, so the higher tile value, the smaller texture will appear on a model.
  • BUMPMAP texture slot could be configured to use .Alpha and .Green (or .Green and .Alpha) texture data, as these types are widely used.
  • Displacement texture could be applied on mutliple-diffuse bump-mapped materials. You can set MODE of each detail texture (DETAIL2 and/or DETAIL3) to be applied as "Displace" in User-defined options of material.
  • Load and Save materials option is added in materials browser. This option is added and implemented on current setup, but no of available plugins offer materials load/save at the moment. This feature was designed and made for the filter, that is currently under research and not included in this released.

Direct Download link.
Download ZModeler 3.0.9 (9.2Mb)

ZModeler3 requires additional Microsoft redistributive libraries to be installed prior running ZModeler3 on your system. Download vcredist_x86.exe package from Microsoft website. Note, since ZModeler is 32-bit application, you need a 32-bit x86 version of these libraries only.

Also, it's strongly recommended to install DirectX9c June 2010 Redistributive package: ... px?id=8109