Revalidation Failing

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Revalidation Failing

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So I got onto zmodeler today and it said the online verification failed but my license is still up. ... nknown.png ... nknown.png
I've already tried revalidating but it failed.
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Re: Revalidation Failing

Post by Oleg »


Assign password 123456 onto your platform ID in web account and specify this password in ZModeler again. Just to sync and refresh password settings.

If still no luck, take a look whether ZModeler is able to check for updates - a spinning circle icon in the bottom of ZModeler should not spin for more than 10-15 seconds.

Try enabling VPN if nothing of above works.

Also, your license is a paid one, you can use manual offline validation: press "Validate" button in web account (specify 32-bit or 64-bit version first), then copy validation key in web account. go back to ZModeler's license window, press and hold Shift key for 2-3 seconds. Your license key in ZModeler should get validated.
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