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ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2023 4:45 am
by Oleg
ZModeler3 engine have been upgraded to DirectX11. Since this version is incompatible with previous builds, it is unavailable via automatic updates. You can download and install this version into a different folder manually. No more updates will be made for ZModeler 3.2.1 on DirectX9 engine. Also, mind the minimum OS requirement for ZModeler 3.3.0 is Windows 8.1. Mind the backward-only compatibility of .z3d files - you can open old files in ZModeler 3.3.0, but you can't open newly saved files (saved in 3.3.0) in any older version of ZModeler.

As this have been causing problems for some users already, I state this here explicitly:
Do not unpack ZModeler 3.3.0 files into the folder of your current ZModeler version!
Create a new empty folder for ZModeler 3.3.0 (perfectly not on a system drive) and unpack files into empty folder. You can copy your ZModeler_profile.xml file from an old installation to retain your preferences and settings.

Direct Download link.
64-bit version: Download ZModeler 3.3.0 (~20Mb)
32-bit version: Download ZModeler 3.3.0 (~16Mb)

Version 3.2.1 is still available for download via direct links below.
In case you might get problems with this release, you can still use ZModeler 3.2.1 (or if you still run Windows 7 on your computer, this is the only option).
64-bit version: Download ZModeler 3.2.1 (20.26Mb)
32-bit version: Download ZModeler 3.2.1 (15.54Mb)

Changes log.

Version 3.3.0 Build 1231
  • GTARage filter: animals YFT files import/export support with build-in rag-doll collision.
  • GTARage filter: .YDR file export does not require a .mesh object to be in a child of a dummy to export "geometry only" file. The exporter will pick up a geometry object from scene matching the exported file name if no dummy + .mesh found. This simplifies mass files export.
  • Bug fix: rotation of compound object caused incorrect rotation of geometry on other states.
  • Bug fix: refined path/name for autosave scenarios on scene that was never saved yet.
  • Bug fix: screen resolution with 16K and above are limited to 16K only to create rendering device properly.
  • Bug fix: colorized bone weight draw: respect multiple weights of the same bone.
  • Bug fix: tangents computation on polygons (it was available on triangles and quads only).
  • Bug fix: on-screen texture draw: support for opaque and transparent texture render (UV Mapper transparent/opaque texture issue)
  • ETS2 materials - storing unsupported parameters on user-defined options. Any material parameter specified on user-defined options of material will suppress evaluated data, so you have an explicit control on what is written in a .mat file.
  • ETS2 materials parameters read from user-defined options have an opt-out list to exclude some options. See Profile -> Editor -> Preferences -> Filters -> SCSPrism3D -> IgnoreUserOptionsList
  • Bug fix: GTA export - embedding BC7 textures.
Version 3.3.0 Build 1230
  • Bug fix: Intel(r) Graphics on-CPU video hardware issue: texture size provided by DX11 driver for DXT textures is incorrect, caused ZModeler to crash on save of .z3d files and on save of .dds textures.
  • ATS/ETS2 version selection on export. Support for game version 1.47 materials. "truckpaint" material environment level is defaulted to 25% (Output level 64) and is not adjustable in material file.
  • Load/Save of viewports layout in .z3d file is optional (Settings->General->Files->Z3d->Viewports layout.
Version 3.3.0 Build 1229
  • Textures drag & drop (one or multiple textures) can be used to get rid of some textures and assign one texture instead of another on all affected materials. When only one texture "A" is dropped over texture "B", the dropped texture "A" will replace texture "B" in materials and texture "B" is removed from textures browser. When multiple textures "A,B,C,D" are dropped onto texture "E", all these textures "A,B,C,D" are removed from textures browser and their usage in all materials is replaced with texture "E". You can use this drag & drop technique to get rid of duplicate textures.
  • Textures can be renamed in textures browser.
  • "Remove duplicates" button in textures browser.
  • New textures browser layout with big texture preview area (on the left or on the right side). If your screen resolution is small or you prefer old browser layout, set "Layout" option to 0 in Settings->Profile->Editor on "Preferences->Textures Browser" branch. Setting Layout = 1 will enable new layout with preview sample on the right side and setting Layout = 2 will enable new layout with sample on the left side.
  • DX9 Luminance textures (L-8) are now loaded as Alpha-only textures (A-8) instead of Red-color-only (R-8) to look better on materials.
  • GTARage "licenseplate" material is configured to use font texture on DETAIL2 texture slot instead of being a transition texture on DETAIL texture slot. An exporter will make a proper GTA material conversion from both styles of material setup in ZModeler, so you can export your old .z3d saves without additional changes.
  • Bug fix: Ghost materials leading to app crash in scenario of using File->Merge->Cancel.
  • Bug fix: material parameters (options) were not being copied when material is duplicated.
Version 3.3.0 Build 1228
  • Material's color settings and alpha/blend parameters could be changed on material's states like samplers.
  • PNG textures loaded (or any other SRGB texture) is converted to normalized RGBA. Textures Save As option and storing in exported files refined with respect to this conversion.
Version 3.3.0 Build 1227
  • Geometry wireframe rendering refined (both anti-aliased and non anti-aliased). It is advised to use non-antialiased lines for performance reasons.
  • Opacity fade out of non-border outline wireframe and fade out of non-editable objects can be adjusted in Settings\General\Meshes window.
Version 3.3.0 Build 1226
  • Windows 8.1 is now the minimum compatible version. ZModeler 3.2.1 is still available for Windows 7 users (licenses/validations can be installed and applied). No further updates for 3.2.x series will be made.
  • Engine library upgraded to DX11. Textures management re-implemented on DX11 and OS-installed WIC (Windows Imaging Component interface). Hardware support of modern block-compressed (BCx) textures. Discrete video card on laptop devices should be available for selection without any need to create per-application profile in external tools like nVidia tool.
  • Rendering device properties simplified to toggling multi-sampling on/off and wireframe lines antialiasing on/off.
  • Shaders code was remastered to DX11. Soft-skin rigging implemented on matrices versus old dual quaternions technique. Less rigging-related artifacts expected.
  • Pure (general purpose/viewports-only) shaders code remastered. Added an option to fade out (desaturate and/or make transparent) back-facing geometry. See Settings\General\Views\Meshes).
  • Dots on geometry (vertices, spline points, etc.) size is adjustable. See Settings\General\Views\Nodes
  • Flat-shading is implemented in shaders and should not give any impact on performance or memory usage when toggled on.
  • Minor UI tweaks (axes tripod, UV Mapper texture background). UV Mapper fly-out windows (objects list, materials list, background settings) retain adjusted size even after restart. Corrected icons size in Materials and Textures browsers, "Pivot" button, etc.
  • Viewport's "Light" option is now entitled "Ambient light" and should be toggled off by default.
  • "Active" button for current animation allows to toggle animation off explicitly (to put affected objects into bind pose).
  • "Unbind" button in animation's Tracks Editor to unbind controlled scene objects from selected animation(s) or track(s) with a single click.
  • Easy adjust tool in UVMapper allows to manipulate selected elements with ease: move, scale, rotate. Also, this tool has a build-in free form deformation mode (double-click on control point to switch between FFD and normal mode).
  • Stitch in UV window works on polygons level too (compatible with "compact fragments to object" UV editing mode).
  • "Recently-used" combo (for example, File Import\Export\Open\Save folder selection) has an option to explicitly delete rows in drop-down list to remove entries simpler. Known bug/limitation: to hover the 'x' area need to move mouse from one row to another to refresh selection.
  • "Browse for folder" window in SCSSoftPrism 3D importer can use modern style with locations panel. Old style can be enabled by setting "OldBrowseForFolder" to non-zero value in "Preferences\Filters\SCSPrism3D" branch of "Settings\Profile\Editor" window.
  • Refined build-in textures (e.g. environment/reflection) and missing texture placeholders (increased size).
  • Properties window for "Bounding\Box" (for one object selection) and "Dimensions" (for multiple objects selection) allows to edit X,Y,Z values explicitly to resize selection.
  • Skeleton and bones draw refined and optimized. An option to draw skeleton though solid objects (See Settings\General\Views\Nodes (common).
  • Accumulated fixes of various bugs that were reported during this upgrade period and were impossible to release for 3.2.1 version.

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2023 6:59 am
by aasguard
getting a error when i start it up oleg and when it loads i can not import as there is something missing from it

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2023 9:09 am
by Oleg
Do not put ZModeler on your desktop, "My documents" or "Downloads" folder. Make sure to run ZModeler as Administrator. ZModeler starts several processes and uses inter-process communication. Running application in a regular way or from any user-account protected folder might block processes to start properly.

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2023 3:47 pm
by vxkez
:D Image

Uh..... so why cant my textures work right i need help i mod for GTA5 /FIVEM PLS help !!!

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2023 3:56 pm
by Oleg
Your screenshot is very small, I can't see anything. Upload full scale screenshot or describe in detail what exactly is wrong.

Also, there was an update addressing textures (mostly affect non-compressed ARGB, BGRA textures) just recently (

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2023 7:10 pm
by madoyaghi
hey my normal maps are all messed up in the new 3.3.0 i just moved from 3.2.1

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2023 10:33 pm
by Oleg
ZModeler 3.2.1 uses DirectX9 engine and it has no native support of ATI2 (BC5U) textures, so these textures are converted to another texture format on load. Even though ZModeler shows you texture type ATI2, it is not actually ATI2 texture data in the engine. On export (where texture data is actually needed to save texture data) ZModeler performs BC5 packing again, so this is not actually visible for the user that ZModeler performs conversions.

ZModeler 3.3.0 uses DirectX11 engine that supports ATI1 and ATI2 textures natively, so no conversion is performed and BC5 texture can actually be used. However, your saved .z3d files contain different texture data (but still claims "this is ATI2 format"). I advise you to use "Replace" button in textures browser and reload problematic textures from your hard drive. Once they are loaded by ZModeler 3.3.0, they will appear fine and you can use your projects further.

Here's an example how this native texture look alike after loading from the hard drive:

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 9:06 am
by madoyaghi
yes i figured that out but too bad the textures thats saved from 3.2.1 doesn't work in any paint program they ruined

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Fri Mar 17, 2023 10:20 am
by Oleg
You can save texture ZModeler 3.3.0 - these textures will be loadable by other tools. In case of problematic textures (BC5), save them from ZModeler 3.2.1, and load again into ZModeler 3.3.0 (it will load these DDS files even if other texture tools reject them).

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2023 10:42 pm
by madoyaghi
no ZModeler doesnt load normal maps that was saved from 3.2

ZModeler is ready.
Failed to load texture "". file:texturesservice.cpp line:668
VFailed to load texture: "". file:basictextureswicanddds.cpp line:308

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2023 4:26 am
by Oleg
pass it through any other image conversion utility to fix. The texture data could be messed up already and ZModeler can't load such a texture. For example, make an export to .yft file and put this texture there as an embedded texture. Then extract it from .yft file with OpenIV.

The texture is a set of texture data objects (mips) and DDS heading that specifies how to read the data. In ZModeler 3.2 some texture heading are ignored and only the most significant heading data values are used to read texture data. That is why it can still show and use this texture. Upon saving, bad .dds heading data makes the texture unloadable buy most of DDS loaders. When you put this texture as embedded in .yft, the texture data (unchanged) is equipped with yft embedded texture heading, and OpenIV will be able to reconstruct correct DDS heading for this data to save a proper DDS image.

I can not make any changes to ZModeler 3.2.x product anymore, so I can not fix this issue with ZModeler 3.2. textures.

Also, keep in mind that ZModeler 3.2. uses DX9 engine and does not support some of texture formats like ATI1, ATI2 (BC5 normal map), so texture data in ZModeler 3.2. could be incompatible with DDS texture heading (e.g. ATI2 texture loaded in ZModeler 3.2. sill has ATI2 DDS heading, but the actual texture is BC3-converted DXT5 texture). This can cause problems too.

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2023 6:55 am
Приветствую! У меня такая проблема, чёрные экраны и все, ничего в них не сделаешь, я так полагаю, ноутбук можно выкидывать или можно что-то придумать?

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2023 7:17 am
by Oleg
There is no solution at the moment. I have nVidia 3070 on my dev PC, and nVidia 1060 on my laptop device. Laptop has also Intel(r)Graphics on-CPU device too. ZModeler runs fine on any of these devices, so I can not reproduce the black-views issue.

May be you can try different video drives (e.g. start from removing video driver at all), then let windows install driver automatically and finally, download the latest driver from your video vendor's website.

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2023 12:27 pm
I have an ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 5730 ( :D ) The old version works fine and all other games and programs, but this version does not. Maybe something else to install for full work? What else does the program need? I just sat, installed all the versions of the drivers that are generally available for this video card, all to no avail ...

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2023 1:08 pm
by Oleg
In general, ZModeler does not require anything to be installed, it does not use any additional libraries. ZModeler requires DirectX11 to be installed on the system. If you do not see any error on startup, then everything is ok for ZModeler to run.

May be some per-application settings in ATI control panel can help?

ZModeler uses backward data transfer from GPU to CPU to draw viewports, as it applies some overlays on rendered viewport data before showing it. So, there are some aspects that can affect this scenario:
1. GPU video memory not providing data back to CPU for some reason.
2. Your display setup has some adjustments that make it impossible to show rendered data in vewiport for some reason. For example, non-32 bit color depth profile selected, sRGB mode, may be an enabled HDR...

Here's are mine display settings in windows:

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2023 1:48 pm
Well, I did everything I could ... Video card settings, modes, screen, its functions. But I really noticed that when the driver was removed, Blender could not be started, there was no OpenGL 3.3. Well, since the Zmodeler does not use third-party programs, I think this does not apply to him.

:lol: :cry:

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2023 7:46 am
by CosmicXTTV
ever since i updated my materials have gotten deleted for all the lights on my vehicles and i cant even open a save only through autosave

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2023 9:47 am
by Oleg
CosmicXTTV wrote: Tue Apr 25, 2023 7:46 am ever since i updated my materials have gotten deleted for all the lights on my vehicles and i cant even open a save only through autosave
provide more details, perfectly include screenshots, so I can see what is wrong.
also, what does "i cant even open a save only through autosave" means? what happens when you pick File\Save or File\Open?

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Tue May 02, 2023 11:04 am
by miikemq
I keep having an issue that is very annoying. When i open a z3d from version 3.2 and save on 3.3, when i open it again, ALL the textures are gone and i have to reimport them manually. Using the latest update, could there be a fix for this please

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Tue May 02, 2023 11:08 am
by Oleg
what is your video hardware? Do you get any errors when loading/saving .z3d file in 3.3.0?

May you send me any of your 3.2.1 .z3d file that does this? There were reports of this issue but I was unable to reproduce it yet.

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2024 1:23 pm
by DevilDexter22
Actually i'm not sure if this bug is related to Zmodeler3 3.3.0 but i was trying to get the new police-lights onto an older car and the "vehicle_track_siren" Shader is kind of bugged after exporting. It uses the "track" shader from the older cars like the inner lights of the patriot limo or normal "engine-belts" like when accelerating the anim will getting faster aswell (i hope you know what i mean lol)

Well this is a whole new "track" shader Rockstar games made for these police lights. And i'm not quite sure if this shader is fully supported by your programm right now (Just like i said its my assumption, not quite based on any facts. Please proof me wrong here haha)

If anyone has/had the same problem and found a fix already please let me know as i'm struggling to get those track anims working (the normal sirens work like they should, only the "vehicle_track_siren" sirens are not working like they should.

Well anyways, great tool and thank you for a reply.


Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2024 1:30 pm
by Oleg
There is no a kind of a "shader support" by ZModeler - it either reads model with this shader or not. The shader configuration was taken from original model and I expect the exported material to have the very same setup as original model.

I advise to import/export original model (may be with tiny changes like moved vertices to create visible spikes) and test siren track shader in action on modified model. It is possible the model requires some "uv animation" setup in metadata file as I think the UV animation parameters are kinda global for entire model (with no respect on what shader is currently in action). Given that, there might be an option/flag to accelerate animation speed with increase of rpm or not.

Give it a try with original model first.

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2024 3:40 am
by DevilDexter22
Well thank you for your quick response!
Yeah i will try that out. I'm just buffled cause i used the meta files of the new og police gauntlet and just changed the name of the model /texture file in Gta5.
I will look into this.

But thank you again!



Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2024 8:03 am
by HugoBro22
I import and I don't even see a car, I click to import on the car to bring up the screen and load the car and it doesn't even do that

Re: ZModeler 3.3.0 release notes

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2024 11:06 am
by Oleg
If you click on a file to import and the "Import" button becomes dimmed, then the model file is locked. This is usually the case with models/mods downloaded from the web. ZModeler should still be able to import vanilla game models.

If you import the file and see something in a hierarchy view, then you should probably toggle on "L0" button on Structure panel above, so you can see the highest LOD (Level of Detail of the geometry mesh).