breaking glass disappears after .yft export

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breaking glass disappears after .yft export

Postby johanneshfuerth » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:17 am

i have the following problem:

i want my car to have breakable glass.
as far as i know in theory it should work like this:

first step:
1. change view to COL
2. find all window COLs
3. select them (they turn red in all views)
4. go to properties
5. click on "user-defined options"
6. add "Crash"
7. "Crash" appears in the list
8. click "OK"
9. click "Apply"

now if i deselect and then later select again "Crash" is still in the list of user-defined options. if i save the car as a zmodeler project file, the "Crash" entry is still there as it should be.

second step:
1. open material browser
2. find window material (in this case "vehicle_generic_glasswindows2")
3. open material properties
4. under user-defined options enter "Crash" and click "Add"
5. close properties and click "OK"

again, the changes remain even after saving and re-opening.

Now when I export the car as .yft all the changes I've made otherwise (move stuff, rescale, delete, retexture, etc.) are being exported like they should be. The only thing that is no longer present in the exported file are all the "Crash" entries. They just disappear.
It doesn't matter if I export _hi or normal model or if I overwrite a file or create a new one (i think in Zmodeller2 overwriting sometimes caused problems) or if I save the file in a folder with the textures in it or a new folder.

The weird thing is that I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything exactly like in all those youtube tutorials. It's just that for them it's working and for me it isn't.
I would assume I'm still doing something wrong, but I have no idea what.

I don't know if that has anything to do with it but I have the same issue with disappearing changes when I try to change the shaders on materials by drag+dropping them onto the material preview/tile from the list on the left in material browser. it's there even after I save it but it's gone in the exported file.

I have the latest update of Zmodeler3 with valid registration and everything and it's not with just one car but with any car i try to edit.

Zmodeler sometimes needs you to know certain little things (like if you use the wrong file name in export the file comes out empty) that don't seem to make a whole lot of sense to the average user and even though most of this is gone in Zmodeller3, I would assume it's just another of those things you just HAVE to know, otherwise you're completely lost...

Please help me, I've already spent countless hours and still am none the wiser...
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Re: breaking glass disappears after .yft export

Postby johanneshfuerth » Mon Aug 28, 2017 3:20 pm

also, when i try to change "UV coordinates comes from" from "Auto Sphere Environment" to "Manual UV #1" those changes get lost as well during export. It seems also other changes in Material Browser mysteriously disappear upon export. What doesn't disappear though is when I change textures in Material Editor or if i copy/create materials - it's just many of the changes made to them...
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Re: breaking glass disappears after .yft export

Postby johanneshfuerth » Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:55 pm

nobody? anybody?
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Re: breaking glass disappears after .yft export

Postby Oleg » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:11 pm

crash options are not saved into model_hi.yft file, as well as they are not available in native model_hi.yft files too. When you import model_hi.yft and model.yft into the same scene, "Crash" option actually comes from model.yft file.

So, in your case you should check for "Crash" option on model.yft file re-import.

Also, crash option on material and crash object on COL object should be "just one match", meaning an object associated with COL should use just one and only one material marked with "Crash" user-defined option. For example, "windsceen_r [COL]" object is associated with its parent object "windscreen_r" and this geometry object should use only one material with "Crash" property on it.

Note sure on export options you should retain, I always export original models only that have several LODs in scene and top-level object named model_hi (buffalo2_hi in my tests). An export with LODS mode set to "Autodetect" only. an export to model.yft (buffalo2.yft) shows a logged message "Exporting all lods except the highest" and this should be the correct scenario for crash options to take effect in exported file.

Also, uv coordinates changes will not take effect during export as game shaders are pre-configured and do not allow changing uv coordinates source, so your changes are ignored on export.
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