About the localization of some help

Customizing ZModeler3 UI with language packs for localization.

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About the localization of some help

Post by Allen »

Today, a friend let me see, "his localization files" Why can't use.
I once produced ZM2 Chinese localization.
1.After my analysis, is garbled due. He is a modification from the Russian version!
Because Russian version use windows-1251 encoding.
When use notepad open xml file , notepad can't support this encoding. So garbled.
So you can use the my provided file, make changes, I already convert the 1251 encoding to UTF8 encoding!
Or use EditPlus(I recommend) open Russian version, use windows 1251 encoding read, then save as *.xml utf-8 version.

For NotePad users
2.There is another reason: UTF8 BOM mark not delete.
BOM: 0xEF 0xBB 0xBF (EFBBBF) , file the first 3 bytes.
XML files do not need this.
The reason this error: use Notepad to save.
Use Notepad is also all right, you can use a hex editor to delete first 3 bytes.
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Re: About the localization of some help

Post by Oleg »

Alternatively, one can use Nodepad++ tool. Prior to saving, pick Encoding -> UTF-8 without BOM and save XML file.
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