[BUGS] and things that don't work properly

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[BUGS] and things that don't work properly

Postby LeeC2202 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:22 am

1) Programme crashes when creating new UV mapping on channel #2, from a copy of those on channel #1.

I was trying to add dirt mapping to a vehicle component, which required channel #2. Channel #1 was mapped, so I selected the polygons, clicked Edit UV and set it to create new UV mapping by copying the UVs from channel #1. The minute I did this, the model disappeared, the UV mapper screen went black and the whole software became unresponsive. No chance to save anything, just dead.

I was informed that it was because the number of channels on the vertex properties wasn't set to 2. That makes no sense, I am creating "New" UV mapping, so by default, that should create that second channel if it doesn't exist. It doesn't even say "Operation failed because...", it just crashes... Not very helpful for the user to try and avoid/fix the problem, if they are not told what has caused the crash. That's why we have exception handling, so your programme can notify the user what the problem is and then carry on as normal, giving them a chance to at least save their valuable work.

Working like this, is like me using Duplicate Layer in Photoshop and it crashing because the second layer isn't there to duplicate layer 1 into.

2) MRU list only shows loaded files not saved files.

An MRU list that only shows outdated loaded versions of files, serves no practical purpose. This caused me a problem yesterday because I presumed that the file at the top of the list was the last one saved. (i.e. the Most Recently Used file) It in fact was an earlier version that didn't contain the changes required to prevent the bug listed in number 1.

In any application, the minute you create, then save a file, that file is immediately added to the MRU, as it is the "most recently used" file. The feature isn't called MRL, it isn't only for loaded versions of files. If I created 5 models and only saved them, the list would be empty, that's not how the MRU list should work.
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Re: [BUGS] and things that don't work properly

Postby Oleg » Mon Nov 20, 2017 9:16 am

can you provide me a step by step on issue #1 and perfectly a .z3d file that can reproduce this problem. As the scene I try this on do not crash, do create additional UV channel on object(s) and do generate new mapping on newly-created objects by coping specified uv channel data. the crash was related to an unexpected scenario that is barely possible to handle via exception handling, that is why giving me as much info/data/files to reproduce the problem.

Concerning the second question, it will get updated in next zmodeler version.
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