Weapon mod - in game textures issue

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Weapon mod - in game textures issue

Postby thebadbone23 » Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:13 pm

Hi guys,

I've just created my first weapon mod, after succesfully creating 2 vehicle mods and I have small issue.
The textures I have assigned to this mod are not showing in game but they look ok in OpenIV.
This is how it looks:
I'm not really sure but I'm thinking maybe it's because of the shaders I used in ZM, I didn't know which ones to use so I used the ones in General tab normal_spec and something with weapon_normal_ etc.

Can anyone help me out with some tips on how to fix this?
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Re: Weapon mod - in game textures issue

Postby Oleg » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:18 am

the game will display random texture (any of recently used on other objects) when either
1. game failed to locate texture specified in model file
2. game failed to load texture.

when game fails to locate a texture the first thing to try is to use embedded textures, and/or put this texture into .ytd package to give the game more chances to find it

when game fails to load texture, it worth to assign temporary any of original weapon's texture (or a texture from another weapon) to find out whether game is able to load texture on a given location (e.g. if your material configuration is generally correct and just texture is the cause of problems). if you can see a model with properly loaded texture onto it, your texture seems to be the cause: try different texture formats or try saving it in size of 256x256 pixels.
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