Export Options & File Size's

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Export Options & File Size's

Postby ModderGB » Thu Jun 08, 2017 2:39 pm


Just a few random questions regarding the export options & model file size's.

First question - what is the difference between (All-All but highest-Highest only) and do they effect the model ingame say if i exported the model's +hi and normal using Highest Only?.

Second Question - Why is there 2 different size yft's while export a model (i.g) one will be 6mb & the other will be 12mb and will the higher one effect ingame some how?.
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Re: Export Options & File Size's

Postby Oleg » Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:19 am

if your scene is equipped with compound objects storing multiple LODs in it (e.g. L0 with highest detail. L1 with lower detail and L2 with lowest detail), your scene hierarchy should have a model name with "_hi" in a tail: for example, buffalo2_hi

when you export this scene into .yft file with "All" mode, ZM will export all geometries: L0, L1, L2. If you export "All but highest", exporter will ignore highest detail L0 and will export L1 and L2 only; if you pick "highest only", L0 will be exported and L1, L2 ignored.

The preferred choice is "Autodetect". If you have a scene top-level node with "_hi" in name, the exporter will consider you have all and highest LOD in this scene, an export into model_hi.yft will automatically export L0 only, and export to model.yft will automatically export L1 + L2 and ignore L0.

The game uses model.yft and expects it to have L1, L2, L3 (if available) detalization models. If your graphic settings are high enough, the game will load model_hi.yft and use it on close distance to draw highest-detalization model, the model_hi.yft does not contain collision info, it is used for highest-detalization geometry only. That is why it is possible for this file to be bigger or smaller than model.yft (that can store several LODs at a time).

Additionally, the game engine can mix geometry from model_hi.yft and model.yft. For example, a chatter-glass or "damage scratch and blood FX" are draw as overlay using geometry from model.yft (L1) even when you come closer and game draws a L0 from model_hi.yft. For this purpose it is recommended to have L1 model very similar to L0, so effects are laid correctly - and especially to be them painted (per-vertex color) very the same as L0 on green channel. per-vertex green channel is vertex deformation strength: it should be identical on L0 and L1, so visual damage/deformation/displacement of L0 geometry matches deformation/displacement of scratch & blood overlay FX taken from L1 geometry. mismatching paint can lead to FX be drawn in an air or dive and disappear in a deep of bodyshell.
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