Filing gaps & adding textures?? FZ4 to GTA 5

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Filing gaps & adding textures?? FZ4 to GTA 5

Postby sixx » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:21 pm

Hey guys so I'm working the same conversion i paused on a few months ago and i'm starting over bckuz i think i messed something up on my first try i couldnt even start the game. Its a fairly popular car that no one has converted yet so here i am trying to do it correctly from the start just need a few pointers.

-how To/Do i need to fill the door gaps etc?
-can i apply textures before i separate parts and do hierarchy?? [I've loaded in the tga files from FZ4 but when I check materials it doesnt ask for a specific texture map]
-how do i make sure my poly count isnt max'd out and what not?[to avoid not spawning]
-Extra Question=Do i need 2 or 4 different Wheel COL to implement a rim offset or even camber?[I will do more research]
- *Since the model came without engine I tried to use parts from two different models already in GTA 5 would this be a crash problem as well??
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