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Adding Tuning Parts Help

Postby Turkish20 » Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:39 pm

Hey guys. I need help. I am going to release soon my new car, but before doing that I planned to add some customization to my car. What I did:

I added an exhaust, replacing an original exhaust of the Rhapsody. When I go ingame and select my exhaust, it shows up but the strange thing is, there is not appearing any smoke out of it. It is just the exhaust, like the engine is off. Other ingame exhausts do have smoke. What I've also noticed on Open IV is, that under the tuning parts, there is a point called Child: 0 what is this? It doesn't show up on mine one.

Please, I need any help from you guys, to make that car come out as perfect with customization.
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