[tutorial]How to create car wipers on gta5 vehicle

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[tutorial]How to create car wipers on gta5 vehicle

Postby Yoha » Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:41 pm

[tutorial] How to create car wipers on gta5 vehicle
Author: Yoha & I'm Not MentaL

[update 2016-07-24]
Add a new video tutorial in english:
[EN] Yoha's MOD Lesson-9th:Create a wipers for your car

tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J1JpPnX3gQ


[Preface ]
As my tutorial video is in chinese language, so I start this topic and try to make you guys understand how to create car wipers.

[Short introduction]
Hi everyone, this tutorial will teach you how to create car wipers on the vehicles in gta5. It's very simple, here I give you guys two tips: 1. you need name your wipers as "door_hatch_l" and "door_hatch_r"; 2. you need script from my friend MentaL, here is the download link for script: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/car-wipers;
And here is the download link for the Robin which is my mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/reliant-robin-mk-1-replace-addon;

[Main content]
Car wipers needs two parts: 1. script: car wipers; 2. model.

First important thing, you have to download the script"car wipers" and install it in the scripts folder under the gtav roots, I believe you know where it is.
For the script, you don't need do anything on it. just install it, that will be done.

Second important thing is the model, which is car wipers in our case.
1. You have to separate the wipers from your car model first, then we get 2 wipers.

2. next step is create 2 dummies in ZM3, name them as "door_hatch_l" and "door_hatch_r";
or, you can just duplicate 2 doors from the gta5 original vehicle model, like: door_pside_r and door_dside_r. then you rename them as "door_hatch_l" and "door_hatch_r", and of cause, you also need change the collision name of them, as "door_hatch_l [col]" and "door_hatch_r [col]"

I recommend second way, it will save a lot of your time.

3. Dismiss the door_pside_r and door_dside_r, which you already named as "door_hatch_l" and "door_hatch_r", then we will get 2 dummies and 2 models (old doors from the original vehicle), delete the old doors, keep 2 dummies.

Let's leave them for a while.

4. Back to our car wipers, which you separated from your car just now.
use move tools in ZM3, remember to check "move axes only", move the axes of car wipers in right position, where is the center you want wipers rorate.

5. Choose duplicate tools in Display section in ZM3, copy the axes of car wipers to the dummies and collision files we took from the original vehicle.

Then you will see the dummies been move to the car wipers, and same of collision files.

Tips, click the arrow in up-right corner of display section, un-check keep object, then the model of collision files will been move, not just axes.

6. Make sure you close the L0 and Col, then select the dummies, make them as a compound.
Click the L0, now. put your car wipers into the dummies, as L0 level.
Then we get the car wipes as "door_hatch_l" and "door_hatch_r".

7. use rorate tools and move tools to adjust the angel or postion of your car wipers, make them has better result.

8. Do not forget isolate the door_hatch_l or door_hatch_r, and close the L0, then go to properties panel, set your axes and double click the user define options, set the angel you want wipers rorate.

9. And my quick text tutorial is done for now.

If you have any question, you can comment below the video, or go to the script page. Me and Mental will try our best to explain to you guys.

Hope we can see the wipers on your vehicle mod in future. :)
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