Difference Question

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Difference Question

Postby Steinmetz Omi » Wed Nov 11, 2015 11:52 pm

Hello Oleg , hello Forum !

I have a Question !

What`s the Difference Account Licence Time limit and Zmodeler Validity ?
My Account Licence Time Limit = 56 Day`s
Zmodeler Validity = 33 Day`s
Verification: Revalidate in 61 Day`s

Is this correct ?

De Omi
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Re: Difference Question

Postby Oleg » Thu Nov 12, 2015 12:26 am

Account license time is the most accurate, but might be wrong if license is inactive or revoked. The time you see in ZModeler is "from the point of view of your computer" and might be affected by improper date set on your computer or affected by other means. ZModeler corrects time/date when it uses online validation, so if you configure online validation, ZM will correct license time on startup and will show real days left on your license.

Revalidation period is 1/6 of your license, so on 360 days license it will be at most 60-61 days. Validation grants license validity for offline work and if validation period exceeds actual license time it will not give this extra time to your license. Literally, ZM will not demand new validation for your license in upcoming 61 days, while your license can expire earlier.

So, in current situation I see the only solution - configure online validation in account and in ZM, so it starts with correct days and use online validation (open "License Information" window) on each startup. In this case your license will go for 56 days. Otherwise, it will stop after 33 days (and online validation will revive it if needed).
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