Licensekey not stored

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Licensekey not stored

Postby Steinmetz Omi » Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:35 pm

Hello there,

i follow your hint, to activate Zmodeler without offline, and with online Activation.
This dont works!

This way i go:

To force ZM save your license:
1. add ZModeler into exclude list of your antivirus.
2. remove "CodeLib" files from "Shared" folder and start ZModeler once, so it download fresh empty license storage file; then close ZModeler and ensure it has got new CodeLib.zmx file in "Shared" folder.
3. start ZModeler with administrative privileges and perform activation. Then close ZModeler and ensure you've got CodeLib.dynamic file in "Shared" folder too. If you do, license is not stored locally.

The following happens:
The Licence File "CodeLib" is write protectet.
He dont build a "CodeLib.dynamic"
So i cant validate!

The online Validate do not works!
I use Windows XP. The Licence have 67 Days left ( Licence for 1 Year )

I hope you can
Steinmetz Omi
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Re: Licensekey not stored

Postby Oleg » Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:18 pm

zmodeler is unable to connect to * under windows XP. so it will be unable to get updates or use online validation. Your 1-year license should be able to save validation key in offline mode (copy + shift) that you can get in your account. what happens when you use a regular activation method?
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