Can't Import OBJ

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Can't Import OBJ

Post by prueling »

I can open files but I can't import OBJ into the scene
My license is fine. It still has 70+ days

plus i still have this pending issue before that's not yet resolved
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Re: Can't Import OBJ

Post by Oleg »

The "License denies this action" is generally a missing valid license key inside ZModeler. Make sure your "License Information" page in ZModeler shows correct license key (and days remained) there. Also, it's Verification should not be "Failed" or "Pending".

If you start two ZModeler3.exe processes, the second will fail to load license due to a license file access violation. The same relates to a jammed "zmodeler3.exe" process in background (e.g. if application has crashed).

P.S. I can't find your ZModeler web account given your forum username and e-mail only, so I can't check the license key status on license server. Specify your ZModeler account name please.
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