Splines error help please

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Splines error help please

Postby urielseuthes » Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:28 pm

Hello i am urielseuthes please help me if possible with the following splines problem in ets2.

In Zmodeler modifyed splines do not work correctly, despite using the bezir or bezir corner.
a) as you can see on the printscreen the splines are straight in zmodeler3 but make a turn at the merging point ingame.
b) the merging spline makes always a 'T' but never a 'Y' form or merges only on the right side even the spline comes from the left
c) Te spline merging from the left crosses over the other spline and than merges from the right side making a sharp turn (that the ai follows).
d) While creating new splines they dont have this green "arrows" to modify direction so if i wield and close a spline on some controlpoint there is not possible to modify the direction of it. Only inserted control points can be adjusted.



P.s. my english isnt my native tongue so if something sounds weird please pardon me.
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Re: Splines error help please

Postby Oleg » Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:11 am

it feels like you have a messed spline chain of vertices, probably duplicate vertices at the same point. The orange "arrow" is shown next to the point you highlight with mouse, but I don't see a control vector for this point: it should be pointing away from that point and specify an incoming curve direction (another control arm, if applies, points an outgoing direction).

Here's an image how it should look:

the control vector is available on Bezier and Bezier-corner points only; when you change to Bezier/Bezier-corner type, you should deselect, hover point and click&drag this control out of the point with "Move" tool - the point should stay, while control vector will appear.
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