How to start from Basic creating truck/trailer model?

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How to start from Basic creating truck/trailer model?

Postby boslosos » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:10 pm


How to start modeling? I didn't find any tutorial that teaches me basic things.

(I want to create Scania 110 holwerda. :D )
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Re: How to start from Basic creating truck/trailer model?

Postby Oleg » Wed Aug 02, 2017 3:33 am

In general, you can use ZModeler2 tutorials, they will fit in most of workflow scenarios. The major difference will start when dealing with materials and scene hierarchy setup.

On the other hand, starting modding with a scratch-made model is certainly a bad idea. You should try modding original trucks/trailers first to get used how this works. you can download free example models on the web to make very first steps by swapping geometry of some 3d objects of original truck with your downloaded 3d objects. Note: you should start with very simple modifications first (add a cube with texture, then replace one object with another and so on).

you will need to deal with objects hierarchy (it's mostly drag&drop) and with materials assignment: selected object or select polygons inside an object and use drag&drop of material tile (in materials browser) onto "Scene selection" label (on the left of materials browser). that's how materials are assigned.
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