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Interior anim bug

PostPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:14 am
by siebel3d
Hi guys

I'm curently working on a project of a Mercedes L1111, and now I'm almost finished the interior. Make all animations from zero and etc. In zmod it works perfectly, but, when I put it in game, a lot of things don't work properly.

I have 3 different problems:
1- Some pieces stay in the right place, but the anim atributed don't work (light_st, for example);
2- Some pieces aren't in the right place, but the anim works "fine" (blinker_st and highbeam_st, for example);
3- Some pieces aren't in the right place and neither works the anim (vel anim, for example);

Some considerations:
*The parts from light_st anim, are used in light_st anim and in ignition anim. In the ignition it works properly, but in light_st it don't work in game. Maybe it is because it is because it's the same piece in two anims?
*The blinker_st and highbeam_st (a.k.a. turn_st and farlight_st too) I make just like SCS in the Volvo FH 16 2009, with dummies one inside other and inside 3 dummies the piece.
*The "vel" anim (a.k.a speedometer anim) there's no reason (I guess) to don't work. The structure is like the SCS ones.

I made a video showing the anims in zmod:
And a video inside the game too:

I hope you guys can help me with this, because is a very big deal to me.

Re: Interior anim bug

PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:27 am
by Oleg

first of all, ensure you have unique IDs on all parts and they go straight in hierarchy (lower ID value does not appear "before" higher ID value or "inside" a part with higher ID value).

Second, re-import your model and ensure IDs on all parts retain exactly the same as they were before you exported the mode.

Revise your animations and ensure they have proper options toggled (like "world tracks" should be off; and others are on - I can't remind correct settings, import original animation and inspect correct settings).

I've wrote the paragraph below, but then see in a video you've done this correctly.

Regarding the common problem with single part (ID) being touched by different animations, you should probably stick to a solution with intermediate bones in hierarchy. For example, if you take a look at turn signal stick part in scania interior model, you will notice it has a bone (with no geometry) and another bone (part / main stick) and a third bone (tip for idle lights and near-range lights). The bone with no geometry associated is used to let two animations control the stick. Here's how it works: The turn signal (left/right) animation is bind to ID of the main stick part and turns it up/down; the "far-light" animation is bind to this non-geometry-bone part and push/pulls it back/forward. The hierarchy is non-geometry-bone -> bone_for_stick -> bone_for_tip. When far-light animation pushes non-geometry-bone, child bones are get affected automatically; meanwhile turn signal animation rotates stick object up/down in it's current (push/pull) position. That's how two conflicting animations could affect single geometry object: inject intermediate bone in hierarchy and bind one animation to intermediate bone instead.

Re: Interior anim bug

PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:53 am
by siebel3d
Thanks Oleg. I saw that my problem was the organization of IDs. I thought the style that SCS used to organize the IDs one inside other was just organization. Thanks again!