Re exported trailers stop working

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Re exported trailers stop working

Postby KingScania » Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:26 am

Hey. Maybe someone here can help me.
I have an issue with a trailer of mine. It ran fine on 1.26, but since i needed to move the wheel dummies, because the lifted axle was stuck in the trailer when lifted, i exported it again and it stopped working ingame.
This is the error i get:
00:00:42.470 : <ERROR> Redundant rear wheel accessory removed!

The trailer ran before fine, i didnt change something in the def files whatsoever. I tried using 1.27 wheel dummies, deleted two wheel sets so it would only have one axle ingame, tried different wheels...nothing seems to work.
I tried the original "aero_dynamic.sii" aswell, because the trailer is replacing this one, and it wont work either. There is visually NO difference in the def files.

Is this really just a def thing? A buddy of mine thinks i should bother yoiu for this Oleg. lol

Maybe someone can help me.
Best regards.
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Re: Re exported trailers stop working

Postby Oleg » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:47 am

for me it looks like wheel dummy positions are wrong. if i'm not mistaken, wheel indices in dummy names are significant when looking at their order from vehicle front to vehicle tail, you can't jump forward and backward, they should go in straight order.

what do guys at scs forum say on this issue?
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