Movin UV channels.

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Movin UV channels.

Postby Toplinepsycho » Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:15 am

Hi is there any way to move uv channels? At de older ets the truck skin was laying in UV2 but in the new on UV3. So now i wonder can i move uv2 mapping to uv3 without mapping the truck again onto uv3?
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Re: Movin UV channels.

Postby Oleg » Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:37 pm

truckpaint shader can use skin on UV2 and on UV3 by setting DETAIL2 UV source to "Manual UV Mapping #2" or "Manual UV Mapping #3". Exporting will configure material name like this:
material : eut2.truckpaint.tsnmap.fx - when UV#2 is used
and something like this:
material : eut2.truckpaint.tsnmap.altuv.fx - when UV#3 is used.

If you need to move uv mapping data, use Edit UV tool with options:
Edit channel #3,
Generate New,
Copy From : #2;

If you need to swap UV#3 and UV#2, follow these steps:
1. set geometry to have 4 UV channels by selecting objects, pick properties, mesh->vertices->format, uv mapping channels = 4, apply;
2. Copy UV#3 to UV#4 using steps above;
3. Copy UV#2 to UV#3 using steps above;
4. Copy UV#4 to UV#2 using steps above;
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