Exporting to mesh screws up uvmap

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Exporting to mesh screws up uvmap

Post by DevSynced »

I'm trying to do something but something i notice is when i export the mesh to blender it screws up the uvmap
in zmod (fine)
in zmod (fine)
in blender (screwed up )
in blender (screwed up )
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Re: Exporting to mesh screws up uvmap

Post by Oleg »

I would suggest to re-import back into ZModeler and take a look whether it is actually messed up or it is just loaded messed into blender?

also, make sure your texture is square and it's linear size is a power of 2 (e.g. 512x512, 1024x1024 and like this). Another idea is a side-by-side screenshot comparison of UV mapper view in ZModeler and in Blender.

There are no technical reasons for UV to get stretched or distorted this way. UV is stored on vertices explicitly and not transformed by any means on export. Object's geometry could be transformed in various ways, but not the UV mapping data on vertices. Mapping aspect ratio could be adjusted on material with Tiling values but these affect tile/scale value of texture, not the mapping itself.

what intermediate format have you used between ZModeler and Blender?
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