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ZModeler3 trial license application

Postby Oleg » Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:26 am

ZModeler3 trial license application guide.

This guide will provide you step by step instructions on obtaining and applying a trial license to ZModeler3.
In order to obtain trial license, you have to create and activate ZModeler3 account as shown in this topic:

Step 1. Register your computer in Account.
ZModeler3 identifies your comupter as a human-readable Platform ID code. You can find your platform ID code in ZModeler's About box on License Information tab:


Since your ZModeler3 copy has no license yet, the License Information tab contains only your Platform ID code and a hint to create an account.

Login to your ZModeler3 account ( and press "My computers" tab. You will see a list (which is empty by default) of your computers. Press "Add new platform" button to add your computer. Type your Platform ID and press "Submit" button (description and other options are not significant and can be changed later) :


Once you pressed "Submit", your platform will be added to account and it will appear in a list as a grey (inactive) monitor icon. A message box will appear telling that platform was successfully added. Press OK to close this message.


Step 2. Generate Trial license key for your computer.

Click on "My Licenses" tab on the left to access licenses management panel. You will see three lists with Available, Active and Expired licenses respectively. These lists contain buttons with license description. Currently, you should have only one license, a Trial license, granted to your platform. Click on this button to see license management panel:


When license is not yet applied to platform, you can select a platform that will take this license. However, trial license is binded to specific platform and you can't change target platform for trial license (while you can do it with other types of licenses). The text on panel lets you know that License key is generated for target Platform ID. License key will not work on any other platform and if other platforms will try to use it, entire license will be black-listed.

In order to apply license you have to click on Question icon ("?") and a message box will appear:


The message is self-explaining, it worth reading and paying attention to it. Once you clicked on this icon and read the message, a checkbox will become available and you can check it. Then you can press Apply button. (These additional steps prior pressing the "Apply" button were to ensure that you read about license application and license key generation). After you've pressed "Apply" button, License Key is generated for your platform. You will see it in the bottom field and a red aserstik icon next to it:


Click on aserstik icon ( ! ) and a message box will appear. This box contains an license key activation steps that you have to follow in order to activate your ZModeler3 copy with the fresh new license key.

Step 3. Activating ZModeler3 with license key.

Once you clicked on aserstik icon, read activation steps in message box and follow them. Note, you can move message box aside, you do not need to close it to access your license panel or license key:


Just for completeness, I'll describe steps here too. First of all, you should select your license key with your mouse cursor (make sure you've marked it all and not missed some first or last characters). Then right-click on selected text and pick "Copy". You can press Ctrl+C in most of browser to do the same with selected text. Your license key is copied. Switch to ZModeler window (or start ZModeler again if you closed it). Open About box and switch to License Information tab (or click on "License Information" tab if it is already active). Then press Shift key (left or right, it doesn't matter) for one second. ZModeler will accept your license key and write its information :


Everything is Ok, but the only thing you might notice is that it writes Verification: Failed.
That's because ZModeler has not yet verified your key and does not trust to this key. Do NOT close about box yet (otherwise ZModeler will discard key application). We shall apply verification now.

Remark: Later ZModeler release versions will be able to access your ZModeler3 account via internet and perform automatic validation. Of cause if you allow ZModeler to do this automatic validation.

Switch back to your ZModeler3 account browser window and click on "My licenses" tab button to reload license page. You will see that your trial license is in the second column now (it's activated and running). Click on it to see it's details:


You can see license information here, the date it was created and a date of license key generation. License key is masked and ZModeler account does not hold full license keys. The main point of your interest here is license validation. As you can see, no validation information is available yet.

Press Validate button. You will see a validation key string and a red aserstik icon next to it:


You can click on red aserstik icon to read validation key application steps, but they are exactly the same as applying your license key.
So, select your validation key, right-click on it and pick "Copy" (or press Ctrl+C). Switch to ZModeler's About box onto License Information tab (click on tab if it's already active). Press and hold Shift key for one second. You will see ZModeler accept your validation key and prompt about sucessfull validation:


Note, there is no point to save your validation key, since you can request validation key any time you need it.

Remark: Later ZModeler release versions will show more validation information, as well as a date when validation will elapse.

You can check validation date in your account on a license information tab:


As you can see above, your key was granted validation from 23rd of July till 26th of July (4 days). Even thought your trial license is 14 days, ZModeler need to validate licenses on a constant basis. You can feed ZModeler with new validation keys as often as you like (even daily). Long term licenses will have a longer validation range for your convenience.

You can close ZModeler's About box and restart ZModeler now.
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