OMSI Bus Simulator .o3d filter

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OMSI Bus Simulator .o3d filter

Postby Oleg » Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:31 am

OMSI Bus Simulator filter initial release was submitted to updates database. The filter comes with an export only feature for non-rigged models.

Multiple files export feature was updated on ZModeler3 to enable some extra options on export files naming. Thus, an exported filename can be composed from object's name prefixed with some string and/or appened with some tail string. Both are optional.

Using a "model name" can simplify objects naming for export purpose. Thus, if you specify "SD77" model name, and try to export into file SD77_exterior.o3d, the filter will take object "SD77_exterior" or just "exterior" to export. The filter requires an object name to match the filename you are exporting to (with or without model name prefix). If no respective object found, an error is logged in messaging window. Also, you can specify an export filename that matches some group dummy node, in this case all objects under respective dummy node will be exported. For example, if you have a group dummy node SD77 with the rest of objects attached under this group and you export to a file SD77.o3d (with no model name specified on export), an entire group will be exported into single file.

The multiple files export feature should be used properly too. If you have short object names and intended to use model name on export, this model name (leading part of filename) can be appended by specifying file prefix (something like SD77_) and specify model name (something like SD77). Notice the underline is available in file prefix only. It might be a bit confusing at the first glance, but you'll get used into this quite shortly just check the filenames ZModeler3 creates on export and adjust settings as needed.

The .o3d files locking feature is available on export. The locked file can not be loaded into ZModeler3, so make sure to keep a .z3d backup save of your scenes. Also, the locking requires some space in a file, so it will not lock very small files (at average, files of 8Kb and above can be locked).

Notice, ZModeler will not import .o3d file if it was created by any other converter than ZModeler. You can not import stock or third-party .o3d files, consider contacting model author for permission and original model files in appropriate format.
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