Validation Impossible

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Re: Validation Impossible

Post by bibi_fr » Wed Feb 03, 2016 12:57 am

Problem is now solved
Thanks Oleg for all help I appreciate it :)

Re: Validation Impossible

Post by Oleg » Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:12 pm

assign new password onto your platform in account (like 123456). Account -> my computers -> your platform -> password -> submit.
second, ensure ZModeler saves your username and password in "Account Setup" page: specify your username and platform password (123456), press Ok and restart ZM. Open account setup window - your username should be there. Then switch to "License Information" page - your key should get downloaded. Of cause, if ZM can reach an updates server (you see a "no updates available" icon in few seconds after "searching for updates" spinning icon).

Make sure ZModeler files are not read-only. It is recommended to put ZM into a folder like D:\ZModeler3, instead of C:\Program Files (x86)\ZModeler3. Give it a try - you can move folder with activated copy later.

Also, an online check should pass in 5-7 seconds (usually, 1-2 seconds). There is no need to wait more than 20 seconds, as server will reject communication if it lasts more than 20 seconds.

Edit: it is strongly recommended not to install ZM onto your desktop folder (especially cause folder C:\Users\***), as it could be protected by windows defender and can prevent ZM from managing license installation.

Re: Validation Impossible

Post by bibi_fr » Tue Feb 02, 2016 10:20 am

Hello Oleg,

Antivirus is Actived And a folder Exclude as been Setup properly
By the way i Tryed to add also a another exclude for .exe only
Giving me same way

I use lastest Build 1127

Using Offline Method
I put the Key according Using Shift

Got Validation: Failed

Trying to Import one of my old project

ZModeler is ready.

Can not complete task: Your license denies this action.

Trying Same Again after Reboot

ZModeler is ready.

Can not complete task: Your license denies this action.

By any Way The key is looking at wrong

In picture What i mean

1. executing As admin

2. Whit Username and Platform password

3. After 10mn nothing happend not valid yet

4. Removing Info rebooting

5. Whit the Shift Key

6. trying to import whitout Reboot

7. trying to import after reboot

8. FireWall

Im sorry But that do not works :(

Re: Validation Impossible

Post by Oleg » Tue Feb 02, 2016 9:46 am

Hi. your platform has never logged in according to account stats. This is probably a lack of firewall. I recommend to start ZM as Administrator and, perfectly, add ZModeler into exclude list of your filrewall/antivirus. ZModeler will access * subdomains on HTTPS (443) port only and does not require incoming connections. So you can create a simple rule for zmodeler3.exe if you don't like to add it into exclude list.

A spinning circle of updates (that never stops) is a good indication of network problem, when can't be reached by ZModeler. In most of cases, running as Administrator solves this (running as administrator will enable system crypt libraries to be available for application, so SSL/HTTPS network communication is possible).

On the other hand, your paid license should allow offline validation. Make sure you run the very latest build of ZModeler (build 1127 if I'm not mistaken), as offline keys will suit the very latest build only and will not be accepted by earlier builds. To apply keys in offline, copy your license key, open License Information window and press Shift for 2-3 seconds; then press "Validate" button in account on your license panel and copy verification key; "Shift" it into zmodeler too. then restart ZM.

Validation Impossible

Post by bibi_fr » Tue Feb 02, 2016 8:05 am

Hello dear,

Tryed whitout any Succes to validating my Version of Zmodeler and seem a problem on your Side whit the key.

First of all i have tryed to Do by automated Validation (Fabien31-PlatteformPass)
nothing happend after multiple reboot

Second I tryed Whit manual validation
Copy of the Key and Shit while in Window Lincen information (Result Failed)

At least i can see In back of the window The Zmoderler is Checking non stop for a update Whitout found it
A simple Check whit Cport confirmed Zmodeler is not connecting to any External Adress to Check Key, account or Update

Maybe simply a problem whit last version?

Let's me know what i can do

Thanks you