V8 Supercars Race Driver 1 and 2 .p3d Import

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Re: V8 Supercars Race Driver 1 and 2 .p3d Import

Post by A.G. » Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:08 am

The ZModeler1 filter works fine with Toca Race Driver 1 cars, including the smoothing from what I can see, except for the fact some faces are flipped. Since a 3D ripper requieres still alot of time to handle all the pieces which are all at the center of the scene if detached from the main model, do you know if this flipped faces problem is a common issue with Toca Race Driver 1 models or is it just me having this?

Re: V8 Supercars Race Driver 1 and 2 .p3d Import

Post by Derek-Metalz » Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:51 pm

Wow That's Awesome.

I hadn't stumbled across 3D Ripper DX yet.

So The models are in, just needed to flip a few faces around. and Delete all the excess models I didn't need.
Hopefully the textures are straight forward enough. But regardless will be good practice for me to re-map them mod and add new ones.
This should hopefully help me out with some other games I'd only thought of maybe doing too. But was too stuck on RD1 - RD2

So just to clarify if the import button is dimmed it's not supported regardless of texture/folder layout?

And I deliberately kept this one out of the request. Cause I can Appreciate The "real time waste." it would be.
Thanks for helping out

Hope to share some of my creations in the near future :D

3D rippers couldn't seem to rip the models to scale they where all skewed and distorted depending what angle the capture was from.
So... I Decided to give Zmod 1.07a a go. Dug up a much older version of the .p3d filter. Imports the p3d's from RD1 & RD2 Cars and Interiors Perfectly (nearly). Just have to rename some textures and flip a few faces.
Ready for Conversion :D

Re: V8 Supercars Race Driver 1 and 2 .p3d Import

Post by Oleg » Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:33 am

If Import button gets dimmed, then the filter can't read this format.

I think you should give a try to real-time ripping method like using DxRipper Delux or something like that.

Creating plugins for a long overdue games is a real time waste.

V8 Supercars Race Driver 1 and 2 .p3d Import

Post by Derek-Metalz » Wed Oct 24, 2012 6:21 am

Hi All,

First time poster and total N00b.

I'm looking at doing some conversions of cars I like from Toca Race Driver series. There are guides around but none of them speak of the original/older versions. Or are very dated with dead links.

So I'm slowly getting there But just need to make a cry for help.
Without going into every single detail I have figured out or(have apps that).

Extract the .p3d file from the cardata

Extract most of the Textures. The textures in the end would just be bonus I'd be happy to just have the model.
This also could be the problem I'm sure I've read they all need to be there for the .p3d filter to import.
and I'm not 100% how they need to be structured with the p3d to import.

Had some success with a p3d2z3d converter. It creates a .z3d file That I can open no Textures and errors for the ones that are missing.
But there are several parts of the model missing and they need to be re arranged. And this has only worked with RD2, the RD1 files get a ran out of memory error in zmod.
I have noticed though the cars have a separate interior which may have all the missing parts once both where adjusted correctly.

Whenever I try to Import the .p3d file with zmod as soon as I highlight it the import button becomes Shaded so I haven't got some thing in the
right spot? right format? or this filter doesn't support rd1 and rd2?
Anyhow I understand it's an old game but if any one can share any old guides or info on importing
models from RD1 and RD2 would be greatly appreciated.
And I'm sure there's not all the info needed to help. So let me know anything extra you need to know.